Comfrey & Nettle Feed


Rather than buying in liquid feed we make all our own comfrey and nettle feed. We grow all our own comfrey in our cut flower patch which is then harvested and left to rot down in a bucket of water for up to two weeks. It is the strained through a very fine mesh and all the left over leaves are added to the compost heap. It’s a great activator and helps speed up the composting process and adds loads of nutrients to the end product. It’s a truly evil smelling liquid that loves to really hang around if you get it on you no matter how much you wash your hands but it’s essential for keeping our plants in tip top condition.

We alternate feeding comfrey with a nettle feed which goes through the same process as the comfrey and they are both diluted into our watering cans every couple of weeks. We have large areas that we allow to go wild which is always full of nettles in the spring.

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