Compost & Soil

One of the most used areas of our site is the compost heaps. These are crucial to all our growing and allows us to recycle all our green waste into next years compost. We also keep chickens so all their waste goes onto the compost heaps, this really helps to speed up the composting process. It also helps to produce a really rich compost which we use to mulch and feed the raised beds in the Autumn.

Photo 13-04-2019, 4 10 12 pm.jpg


Despite having a big garden, cut flower patch and veg patch to fill our compost heaps we can never seem to produce enough to keep everything mulched and fed. So we do have to buy in compost to supplement what we get out of the heaps. We always ensure that the compost we buy in is peat free and have found the all purpose Happy Compost to be great to work with. The only down size is we can only seem to buy it in 50L bags at the moment which does produce a lot of plastic.

In an ideal world we would have bulk deliveries of compost to cut down on our plastic waste. Unfortunately due to our location up a single track lane and having a gravel drive, pallet companies refuse to deliver to us. We are always on the look out for a more sustainable options.

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