Plastic has become a huge problem worldwide and we are always consciously trying to reduce the amount of plastic that we use in the growing of our flowers. The farm used to be a nursery so we were left with thousands of plastic trays and pots of every size under then sun. We do use these to grow all our flowers from seed as I find other plastic free methods dry out to fast for seedlings to get established on the peat free soil we use. So all our pots are washed and reused until they fall apart at which point we take them down to our local B&Q who are now recycling them.

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By making our own plant food we avoid the plastic bottles and buying our compost in bulk we don’t have to deal with compost bags. We are phasing out plastic netting and making sure it gets recycled and are now creating frame works from the willow we grow on site using a bio degradable string. The thousands of plastic labels we were left along side the pots are collected up cleaned and reused every year, I’m certain I’ll never have to buy a label or pot for the next 100 years!



We have pledged that none of our flowers will be delivered to our customers with any kind of plastic. None of our flowers come wrapped in plastic or tied with elastic bands. They are all kept in sturdy plastic buckets of water which are then receive the same treatment as the plastic pots. All our black plastic buckets are rescued from various supermarkets where they would have ended up in a bin. We stamp them all with our logo so they can be returned to us by our florists when we drop off the next delivery of flowers. We use the same buckets when delivering DIY wedding flowers and the buckets alway get returned to us which is just fantastic! They get reused until they crack and can no longer hold water, then we use them to pot plants up.

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