Jam Jar Flowers
  • Jam Jar Flowers

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    Big isn’t always best!

    These super cute little jam jars of flowers get all the gorgeous delicate blooms that would get swamped in a posie or bouquet. Budget friendly, plastic free and perfect popped onto a windowsill or bedside table. All the jam jars are reused so come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you have any spare jars and fancy giving them a second life I’m always in need of more, so pop them on your doorstep and I’ll pick them up when I drop off your flowers.

    The flowers in the photograph are not the exact flowers that will be delivered. As mother nature is ever changing so are our flowers. Your jam jar will be a unique selection of our flower fields very best blooms on the day of harvest.

    • Getting the most from your flowers

      • Make sure the vase your flowers are going into it scrupulously clean.
      • Fill your vase with clean cool tap water.
      • To get the most out of your flowers it’s best to change the water every couple of days.  
      • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources like radiators.
      • We don’t recommend using any preservatives with our flowers as they just don’t need them. All our flowers are tested for longevity in the vase in our home before being approved to go out to fill your vases.
      • Sit back and enjoy how beautiful mother nature can be!
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