Water & Solar


Water is becoming more and more precious with every year I see pass. In 2018 the UK really struggled with areas of drought and there are predictions that we many face the same again this year. We are not connected to mains water on our property and are incredibly lucky in that the property we bought already had a good water system installed. There is a huge tank (22000 litres) at the highest point of our land, it is then brought to the greenhouses, polytunnel and cut flower patch by gravity alone. We keep the tank topped up using a small pump which transfers the water from one of the three large ponds on our property. This is only done when we have had significant rain fall to make sure we don’t drain the ponds to the detriment of the local wildlife.



Photo 13-04-2019, 7 13 22 pm (5).jpg
Photo 13-04-2019, 7 13 21 pm (1).jpg

Alongside the large tank we have installed six smaller tanks (1000 Litres) attached to various buildings so we can also collect as much rain water as possible.


Our belief in being gentle on the earth means we are also self sufficient in water in our home. Not being connected to mains we are very lucky that we have a bore hole on our property. When we moved in we installed a new system to filter and treat the water with UV before it is stored in a tank which then gives us good pressure in the house.   

Another exciting addition to the farm is solar. We don't produce huge amounts being in Wales but every little bit helps to take the pressure off fossil fuel usage.

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